Code of Conduct

Client orientation: Our service is individual, not only optimally. We focus on the needs and satisfaction of our clients. Individual solutions are a challenge, not a burden.

Quality: We aim to exceed our customers‘ expectations, not only to meet it. Quality means to think and act responsible. Problems are challenges that make and grown solutions out of it. Difficult questions are not repressed but openly adressed.

Leadership: We transfer responsibility, not only tasks. We provide our employees with advice and practical help and put all our trust in them. We stand to our decisions and keep agreements, as principle. We challenge and support the skills and flexibility of our employees.

Communication: We cultivate dialogue, not only the talk. We illustrate our goals to all employees. We maintain open communication as the basis of cooperation and our behavior towards our clients. We share information quickly, clearly and to the extent necessary to employees.

Courage: We promote courage, not only avoiding errors. We see mistakes as opportunities to optimize quality and want to promote innovative thinking. Problems are solved, and not blame assigned.

Collaboration: We work together, not against each other. We work fairly, openly and in partnership. The treatment of each other is characterized by respect and trust.