Thomas M. Friesacher, an independent aviation expert , for flight operation, flight training and aircraft accident investigation, is your point of contact for technical clarifications and expert opinions for aviation-specific disputes in court and with administrative authorities, and insurances.

I provide aviation expert reports and expertise for court litigations and disputes with administrative authorities. As an independent external expert I am appointed to provide expertise to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Commission to assist the Horizion 2020 project.

Private aviation consultancy and expert witness statements in litigation, both in civil law subjects as well as in criminal cases are offed to my clients.

I analyze and refute expert reports provided by the investigation agency or prosecution service or the opposing party.

My advice is independent, impartial, objective and of the high level of expertise based on scientific principles.

My independence from official organizations ensured my objectivity.

As a university-certified accident investigators, working in accordance with the state of art & science, I am key to your legal success.

I advise you or your lawyer in the flight-specific issues to clarify the situation.

As an aviation expert I also have further access to more specialized lists and experts from other adjacent sectors, should they be required to clarify the subject.

If you seeking an independent, objective experts for

  • Aircraft Accident Investigation
  • Procedural accompaniment of next of kin of an air accident
  • Private Expert reports for court
  • Aviation Expert witness in court
  • Expert Report for Arbitration
  • Expert Report for Litigation
  • Report for administrative authorities
  • Damage assessment for insurance
  • Expert Report on pilot training

I am able to help you.

I understand the diversity of aircraft accidents and incidents in aviation and the associated inconvenience and problems.

Please get in touch with me to explore how I can help you or your lawyer in the investigation or the reconstruction of the facts or in defusing the situation.


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Thomas M. Friesacher, MSc

  • Certified Aviation Expert –Flight Operation , Incident & Accident Analysis; according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012
  • Uni.  certified Air Accident Investigator, Cranfield University, UK
  • Risk and Emergency Respond Expert, Cranfield University, UK
  • Airline Pilot – Captain
  • Lecturer at the University of Applied Science, Salzburg
  • EASA Independent External Expert
  • Horizion 2020 – EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Expert
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