Research – Commuting of Airline Pilots

Thomas M. Friesacher, MSc conducts research in the field of the commuting of airline pilots and subsequent stress exposure.

A scientific study was conducted in summer 2014 as the „European Airline Pilot Commute Study“ and significant empirical data was generated for research.

The first results are published in a thesis as „Aspects of a European Airline Pilot Commute„.

Further active research work is taking place at the institutions for accident investigation at Cranfield University, UK on PhD level.

Academic publications:

Steiner, D., Kovacic, I., Burgstaller, F., Schrefl, M., Friesacher, T., Gringinger, E., (2016), “Semantic Enrichment Of Dnotams To Reduce Information Overload In Pilot Briefings”, Integrated Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Conference (ICNS), 2016, Herdon, VA, 2016


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