Letter from the CEO

Ladies and gentlemen, man are the vocal point at AeroXpert and are the center of our attention.

This is not an empty phrase, as we know from politics and advertising.

On the contrary: Man and its safety is my and our business.

Crises, disasters and emergencies are the challenges that we face. Protecting lifes is the aim of our business.

Therefore, we strive to help to prevent accidents in advance as far as possible. Avoiding  takes great care and precision in the process. Our training and risk analysis will give you the necessary tools .

The development of a crisis and emergency plan will be a practical tool to manage such a existential challenge.

Intercultural competence and of years experience in aviation and safety management will be the asset AeroXpert is offering you in the process of preparing your organisation .

I guarantee you an independent, objective and a non-partisan approach.

I do not need specially emphasized that precision and speed and utmost confidentiality in this sensitive field of work is guaranteed to you.

Finally I would like to emphasize that we are in the matter of the heart and mind, because as I said:  At AeroXpert the human being – you are the center of attention. I look forward to working with you!

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas M. Friesacher