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An aircraft incident, no matter what size, always attracts media attention and the “normal operations” of a company might be interrupted. No company is immune to such an incident or a catastrophic accident with injuries and deaths.

At the time of an incident or accident, an airport operator might be affected. It is the nature of aircraft operation that if something happens a wide area of operation has to be covered. The majority of flight incidents and accidents happen during takeoff and landing operation of an aircraft, that is on an airport or airfield.

Then the aerodrome operator is the focus of the discussion of the incident. You need to take care of injured survivors, rescue teams and persons in need of information. This is not the task of the police, ambulance and fire departments! It is care of duty and responsibilities to provide a professional emergency response on the stage of the worldwide media presentation.

Prepare yourself, your employees, your team and your press officers to an incident before it happens.

AeroXpert advises and trains you and your team! So that your Emergency Response Manual, your Emergency Plan and you’re your team can fulfill these vital tasks.

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