As an independent, external expert Thomas M. Friesacher, MSc is accredited by the European Aviation Safety Agency in consulting for various areas of responsibility.

EASA uses Thomas Friesacher extensive expertise is in the following areas:

  • 2.1. Operational procedures, cabin operations and cabin and passenger safety aspects, performance, mass and balance, instruments, data and equipment, minimum equipment list (MEL), extended range operations, low visibility operations, performance based navigation, electronic flight bags, environmental protection.
  • 2.2. Flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements
  • 2.4. Organisation and management of an AOC holder, oversight and certification activities as regards to AOC, declaration, non-commercial operations, ramp inspections, OPS inspector qualifications.
  • 2.7. OFDM and analysis, HUMS etc.
  • 3.1. Flight Crew Licensing and Cabin Crew in the Scope of the Aircrew Regulation
  • 3.2. Operator flight crew training, advanced training and qualification programme (ATQP), evidence-based training
  • 3.3. Operator related cabin crew training
  • 3.4. Other aviation personnel
  • 6.1. Safety Management
  • 6.2. Authority management system, oversight and certification in general, inspector qualifications
  • 6.3. Event Response
  • 6.4. Foresight
  • 6.6. Economic, Management & Organisations

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