Aviation Expert

Thomas M. Friesacher is one of the most reownded aviation experts in Germany and Austria and international respected.

He has proven expertise in civil aviation as an airline pilot and training captain, as well as an academically trained and certified aircraft accident investigators and analyst. He is an active academic researcher in the field of aviation safety.

His international expertise extends to North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

He is excellently connected with airlines, air accident investigation boards, training providers, aircraft manufacturers as well as universities.

As the aviation media expert he provides insight to passengers and customers into commercial aviation in Germany, Austria & Switzerland as well as for some Anglo-Saxon media agencies.

Thomas M. Friesacher provides Interviews in front or behind the camera, in German and English, and issues expert information and analysis in the field of aviation.

His expert aviation knowledge is presented competent, impartial, independent, consistent, prompt and live in any desired form for:

  • Expert assesment on current / breaking news for television and radio, live in the studio or remotely.
  • Interviews for newspapers, online media, trade journals, customer magazines.
  • Background / Insight reports on topics of aviation.
  • Insights into the life of a pilot or pilot training
  • As Anchorman at conferences, readings, lectures, seminars, and discussions

For further information and inquiries please contact at:

tfriesacher@aeroXpert.eu  or via our Contact Form

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