During my appointment and expert opinions, I will be available to you during the court proceedings as an expert witness for aviation within the meaning of § 350 ZPO, an expert witness before the Austrian courts, as well as in the Federal Republic of Germany as an expert witness in the sense of § 414 ZPO.

In criminal proceedings, I can prove a valuable services as a private expert.

Within the meaning of Section 249 Code of Criminal Procedure, Section 3, I can be called to testemony to a court-appointed expert opinion. You can appoint me and call upon me as a person with special expertise, which is to allow a seat next to the defenders lawyer.

I may support your counselor in questioning the court-appointed expert.

AeroXpert, Thomas M. Friesacher assists you and your lawyer for the protection of interests in the field of aviation in court.

Independent, objective, Knowledgeable

We are available for court preceedings and expert opinions throughout Europe including England & Wales, as well as the jurisdiction of Scotland.

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