Thomas M. Friesacher is an internationally recognised keynote speaker, aviation expert and business consultant focused on safety cultures, decision making and leadership, risk management and a variety of aviation topics.

As an active airline pilot he was involved in pilot training and management for many years, where he also learned how to lead people in emergency situations.

In emergency and crisis situation he has learned to lead and make decisions.
An academic dialogue with peers in the field of accident research is a constantly challenge and an asset to his academic teaching.

Over 20 years of lecturing in aviation training as well as hand on aviation training in aircraft make Thomas M. Friesacher today to a rousing, exciting speakers in a class of its own.
This both in German and in English.
Key Notes:

• The Viennese Congress dancing – or why we can not prevent the disaster
• Communication in the cockpit – How do lead intercultural teams
• Get off the blame culture – what we should learn from Aircraft Accident Investigation
• Various topics in the field of aviation safety and management, intercultural cooperation, risk and emergency management

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